Do you feel embarrassed when you speak English because you feel that your pronunciation is bad or maybe you are simply afraid to make grammar mistakes when you speak? Not to worry, let’s look into how to learn English the right and easy way.

Tips to help you practice English pronunciation


  • Listen to other native English speakers, try to repeat the speech you hear. Pay attention to the way English speakers pronounce words, listen to the tone and the rhythm of the English language.
  • Slow down your speech. If you speak too quickly, it can make it more difficult for native English speakers to understand you.
  • Practice speaking English with native English speakers and record yourself when you speak. This will help you to become more aware of the common mistakes you are making.
  • Practice reading aloud in English every day.
  • Take care when you pronounce the endings of words. Often these can be left out by some speakers of other languages.

Practice sound of American english for free
Listen using scripts

The first English lesson should deal with pronunciation. When you don’t do pronunciation first, you have to do something else than pronunciation. And then whatever you do and if it involves speaking, then bad pronunciation habits are formed. If you don’t know how to pronounce and yet you pronounce your own way at the beginning of your learning, then you are building your habits in the wrong way. Learning words without pronunciation on the first lesson is damaging. There are two possibilities that are recommended: (1) learn pronunciation from the beginning and speak from the beginning, (2) learn without pronunciation, but do not speak (you will start speaking at a later stage – after learning pronunciation).

Cookie? Biscuit? Bikkie? They all mean the same thing! Our lovely English teachers will quickly show you some pronunciation and vocabulary differences from Australia, America, and England!

Some of the powerful tools for speaking English well. These ebook sand videos aim to identify and help with the pronunciation of the 39 phonetic symbols of the English language.

Accent Cach
English is spoken by real people
Accurate pronunciation on ORRO TV
printing plate, letters, font
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person, user, talk
English pronunciation
copyright, magnifier, magnifying glass
OXFORD DICTION the pronunciation of the words under sound
sound, wave, waveform
The Chart of the English Souds
logos, brain, smart
Download Sounds of English video
Learn English Pronunciation
How to Say

It may seem like a trivial issue, but there are differences in British, Canadian and America spelling, and mastering them is part of improving your language skills. This table show you the various spellings used and can be easily searched by using “Ctrl + F”. You will notice Canadian English generally follows British spelling, but often the American alternative is possible too. British, Canadian and American Spelling

Listen and learn: Why English words aren't spelt the way they sound 359 vues •9 déc. 2020 J'aime Je n'aime pas Partager Enregistrer ABC Education 25,9 k abonnés It's a well-known fact that English words aren't spelt the way they sound but why is that the case? Can they actually be standardised to be spelt the way they sound? Professor Roly Sussex explains.