“Want to learn to speak English? Try a podcast.”

The Internet has truly revolutionized the distribution of learning materials. In the last couple of years, podcasts as learning aids have become increasingly popular, either as a stand-alone mini-course or as an enhancement to courses and programs delivered through more traditional sources. Spend a few moments Googling “podcasts for learning,” and soon you will be downloading podcasts to help you learn to speak English, Japanese, Italian and other languages; or podcasts offering instruction on Plato’s philosophy, current scientific issues, environmental concerns, and almost anything else you might want.

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Listening to podcasts and watching videos and television in English are all useful ways to improve your English by yourself.

Hear the six-part podcast that started it all.
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 Listen to Podcasts to Add to your speaking skills , fluency and accuracy through vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation in real conversations and speaking situations.

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