News papers

Pick up any newspaper and spend time reading it. It is true that you may get bored reading the political news or the editorial. Try and read whatever interests you – it could be the sports page or the entertainment page. What you read does not matter, what matters is that you read in English.

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  • Newspapers can provide a window to English speaking countries; whats going on in the news, music, sports, business, entertainment, politics and current affairs.Some newspapers use more complex language than others, so choose the right one for you. Remember that you can start with the headlines and then progress to reading the articles as you gain confidence.


  • Authentic Reading Material

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Try to read newspapers that provides economic situation, sports, games, entertainment, trade and commerce. every day to improve your language skills and vocabulary.

News around the world



Learning English by Reading Newspapers.

1. BBC News / BBC World News

English dialect: British

The British Broadcasting Corporation (or BBC for short) is the world’s oldest and largest broadcasting organization

2. Channel 4 News

English dialect: British

If you love politics

3. Sky News

English dialect: British

This UK news channel is modeled on the American news format.

4. Al Jazeera

English dialect: Multiple

Al Jazeera (which means ‘the island’ in Arabic) is a television news network based in Qatar.

5. HuffPost

English dialect: American

For a more relaxed look at current affairs.

6. CNN

English dialect: American

Although it’s not the oldest US news network

7. Vice

English dialect: Canadian

Vice is an online and offline magazine that combines the latest world news .

8. Quartz

English dialect: All

This super-cool.

9. Digital Spy

English dialect: British

Living in the UK?

10. The New York Times

English dialect: American