In my opinion, listening is the single most important element in learning English (or any other language).Just listen to what you prefer as  SONGS,STORIES,RADIOS or PODCASTS



Tips for Listening

1. Choose an audio file that is at an appropriate level for you.

2. Listen, making notes of what you hear. Play the file through to the end the first time. Listen again, pausing occasionally to reflect on what you are hearing.

3. Read the transcript if one is available. If you can print the transcript mark the words that you are not sure you understand. Guess at the meanings from the context, then check your dictionary.

4. Read the transcript aloud, recording your voice.

5. Listen to your voice reading the transcript.

6. Listen to the audio file again, and compare the sound and rhythm of your voice to the voice in the audio file.


  1. Why listening does not always improve your listening skill?
  2. How you can improve your listening skill effectively?
  3. What to do if you are too lazy to search for good listening materials?

To improve your English listening skill is really easy. All you’ve got to do is listen to a lot of English… Right? Well, yes. But also no. The thing is there are some problems with this way of thinking. Why?

For example, do you find yourself listening to English, but sometimes stop paying attention? You don’t even realize it, but several minutes have gone past and you have been thinking about something completely different.

I am sure, you don’t catch any of the English words or phrases that you heard. Or maybe even what the thing you were listening to is about.

This is probably because you were not really listening. Your mind is going somewhere and you cannot concentrate. Obviously, this is not going to improve your English listening skills.

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