The four best listening sites in the world

The language portal will help you translate Free worksheets/handouts for students and teachers of English
Stop saying “I don’t understand”: What to say instead
Learn English Fast & Free Learn English online- at your own pace, in your own place, with fun and exciting E52! Quickly go from beginner to advanced, with your free video lessons and activities.
vocabulary learning platform


Rich Dad Poor Dad

Think and Grow Rich 

The Compound Effect

Can’t Hurt 

6 Months to 6Figures

Do TheWork: 

The OneThing

10 Pillars of Wealth:

Total Money Makeover


This is Marketing

Best FREE Web Tool for Teachers! | EDTech Made Easy - Classroom Screen Tutorial




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Zoom For Dummies (For Dummies)

In this video, I introduce you to the Zoom platform. I show you how to join a new meeting in order to test out your audio, microphone, and

video quality. I do this before all of my meetings in order to ensure things are working properly before I meet with a student or fellow tutor.

Tool is easy to use, and accessible to teachers worldwide
Tool is easy to use, and accessible to teachers worldwide

sites with listening material for English Language Learners

Sketch Engine for language learning

Overcome shyness, meet native English speakers online and in the real world to practice speaking with, and build speaking confidence

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English Language Pen Pals (Pen Friends)


Stay with a host family in the U.K.

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Homestay with American Family Programs in the United States
Find penpals and pen friends from all over the world Register for free English Courses Abroad

The United States is one of the best destinations to learn English

At St Giles, we really do have a course for everyone, no matter your age or language level.
the original free, crowdsourced travel guide with 300,000 writer/travelers visiting every day.
Encourage students to perform, analyze, and appreciate Music with resources that explore music from various time periods and cultures.
Explore the many forms of visual art, from basket weaving to painting, and glasswork to furniture, with resources that encourage analysis, research, and practice.
Encourage and explore the participation, analysis, appreciation, and history of Dance.
Discover the world of Theater with lesson plans, videos, interactive activities, and more.

North Central Washington, let’s do yoga together! Gather the family and join us on our Facebook page for a 15 minute yoga session with local instructor, Melissa O’Dell every Saturday morning!

For the past year, our Peshastin Public Library has been hosting a monthly yoga class with Melissa. While our libraries are closed we want to make this service available to everyone in our library system. Melissa will be hosting a weekly yoga class for us on Saturday mornings.

Melissa has designed these yoga classes for everyone, of all ages, to enjoy. New to yoga? No problem! Yoga is a wonderful and accessible practice for all ability levels., pub-6657064514999455, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
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