Okay, that’s not a secret. Practice makes perfect. Read as much as you can.f you don’t understand something, then use a dictionary. However, first try to guess what a given sentence or word can mean. There will always be a word whose meaning you won’t be sure of unless it’s a really easy text. If your English reading skills are low, start with easy stories like fairy tales or books for kids. If your English skills are better, try with something more difficult. Constantly try to enrich your reading experience by reading various things.

Do you like reading books? When you have already finished reading one book, then you already continue to read another book.


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  1. Dictionary Is a Great Tool for Everyone
Whether it’s online, or a book on the desk, a dictionary is a useful and exciting tool. The most obvious use is to look up the meanings of words. You then can use the dictionary to learn specifically what sort of word is. Sometimes a word isn’t as easy to guess. Turning to the dictionary, we can find the meaning of that word. It is great tool for everyone whether student, professional, speaker, or writer.
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Reading for pleasure simply means choosing a text that interests you and reading it
without getting stressed about the grammar, vocabulary etc.
When you are relaxed, your brain is able to take in much more and you will learn without
even trying. All students who reach an extremely high level of English read books,
magazines, blogs and newspapers.

Great Book's source for Learning English at Home. Reading is a good way to get fluency.

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Prepare yourself to Read  to increase your vocabulary and comprehension by deducing, examining, agreeing, criticizing, and evaluating by interacting with these free ebooks.

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