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It is not impossible for Russian speakers to learn English. Neither is it hopeless for them to learn it fast. All that is needed from them is the motivation to learn a foreign language, the determination to succeed, and the method of learning. Many Russians have, in fact, learned to speak English. Some can already speak it so fluently that they can be mistaken as native Englishmen. Although there are also others who, despite their correct grammar and pronunciation, cannot yet get rid of that unmistakable Russian accent.

Why must one Russian speaker learn English? This is one question that must first be addressed before setting out on the journey of learning a language. Motivation is important because this pushes the learner to make the first few steps. Without motivation, the Russian speaker may start learning English just flimsy reasons. If the motivation is founded on one’s career ambitions, for example, he will certainly strive to complete his language course fast.

While motivation is the impelling force, determination provides the velocity. It is what makes the Russian speaker hurdle obstacles that can be encountered while learning English. No matter how effective a method claims it is, a learning process is always far from being smooth. There will be problems met and mistakes will certainly be made along the way. However, if the learner is not the type who gives up too easily, if he has the determination to succeed in acquiring a new language, then he can overcome any snag. The mistakes he cannot help to avoid will become the basis why he must practice more often.

Even though he has the best of intentions and the steely resolve required, these are not enough to make him complete learning English in rapid time. Without a method that does not just work well but also fast, the Russian speaker may just lose interest in the process. It may not be too soon but will just be the same. The learning method used is important. If he undergoes a learning process wherein he can easily his development, he will certainly become more determined in finishing the course.

A method that will surely make his learning effective and quick is that designed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur. The Pimsleur method treats the learner like a child grasping his first few words in his native tongue. This definitely gives the idea that learning English through this approach is fun and easy. Because it is enjoyable, then the Russian speaker would not waste time learning it. Hence, the process can be completed in less time than he would expect it to be. For more go here

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