There can be no question about why many Spanish speakers would find it important to learn English. Being the language officially used in many countries for business and even cultural exchanges, English is definitely a must-learn. It is a consolation that many English words have close similarities to Spanish terms; making it easier to learn by simple correlation. Some examples of these are ‘actually’ for ‘actualmente’, ‘approve’ for ‘aprobar’, and a most obvious one, ‘department’ for ‘departamento’. The number of similarities between the two languages certainly makes learning English for Spanish speakers quicker.

However, while they may thank the heavens for English’s Latin origins, Spanish speakers will still have to contend with the correct usage of many seemingly similar terms. Most of these terms, in their detached and simple form, may sound exactly the same as their Spanish counterparts. When they are used in complete sentences and in ordinary conversations, these have slight differences from how they are meant is Spanish. Hence, it is not enough to carry around an English-Spanish dictionary to be able to comprehend and speak English. A course on how English is actually spoken is more important.

It is said that listening is the most effective way of learning a language. For Spanish speakers who are bent on learning English, that is definitely not difficult to accomplish. Everywhere, American or British culture has crept even in the more distant Latin American or Spanish barrios or pueblos. Many TV shows, movies, and songs are written in English; making it easy for people to listen and learn. There may be differences in the sentence structures and word usage, but they will learn to appreciate the similarities soon. That is a foundation good enough to start with for learning English rapidly.

If that is how random and unsystematic listening would do to hasten learning English, an audiobook devoted to it will certainly double the pace in an easy, enjoyable and simple manner. Many people who have used audio books on learning a second language have attested that they were able to complete process in less than two to three months. There are even others who have admitted to finishing it in a month’s time.

An audiobook on learning English for Spanish speakers that contains the processes and methods used by Dr. Pimsleur is the most effective of its kind. The Pimsleur approach teaches the learner the most basic rules required for conversational English. One does not have to worry over too many grammatical rules since he only has to take note of the most commonly used words and sentence constructions in ordinary conversations in English. This definitely makes the process shorter without compromising quality. For more go here …

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