Whether German speakers can learn English is no longer an issue that can ignite debates. Among all the others in Europe, it has been found that German-speaking peoples, which include Germany and some parts of Austria and Switzerland, acquire English as a second language more effectively. This owes to the fact that English and modern German came from the same parent tongue, the West Germanic language. Through the centuries, however, the English language has been infused with terms coming from other foreign languages, particularly French and Spanish. Since then, changes occurred, resulting to similarities in terms with German but with significant differences in meanings.

Nevertheless, whether there are basic similarities or not, English is a language that is easy to learn for German speakers. Its grammatical rules are simple and even share some resemblances to German. Aside from that, it is a language almost universally spoken. Living in a country that is open to the influx of different cultures, Germans have access to listen to British or American music, watch films from Hollywood, and read books by authors written in English. In fact, it is impossible for any German not to know a word or two in English.

German speakers living in the major commercial and industrial urban centers have the most access to media using English. Just by watching or listening to these, they were able to acquire not just words but phrases in English. What, therefore, could speed up their English language learning process is just that; listening, learning, and conversing. This can be done by obtaining an audiobook on English that contains the Pimsleur method. With a good media player, portable or not, a German speaker can definitely hasten his learning.

The Pimsleur method requires him to listen and grasp the meaning of every word and phrase in English. It does not instruct him to parrot every line though. Instead, it teaches him to respond in English correctly. It prepares the learner to participate in any common conversations with an English speaker. Therefore, this method does not bore any learner with repetitions that can only become more senseless with the number of times it is done. Boredom is the language learner’s mortal enemy. Hence, it makes sure that the process is enjoyable and remains one until it is done.

Getting a copy of audiobooks on English language learning that uses the Pimsleur method is even easier. Any German speaker can just visit websites that offer these online. He can pay for this using his credit card and download it at once. Obtaining the means for learning is fast, making the whole learning process quicker. For more go here...

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