So, let me bore you really briefly. “Good” is an adjective. An adjective describes a noun. The word “well” is an adverb. Adverbs often describe verbs. Yikes! Watch the examples below to be able to see how they are properly used. Yes, properly used. Then, you should begin to feel the difference. Watch!

Example: That was good food.
Reason: The word “good” is describing a noun, the food. That’s simple, right?
Other examples: He’s a good boy. It’s not a very good road. He did a good job.

In other words: You could exchange other adjectives for the word “good” and you would see that it works the same way. Try it with the following: bad, fine, ugly, slow, etc.

Comment: Food is always described with an adjective, never an adverb. Keep repeating that first example above. Burn it into your memory banks.

Example: I feel well.
Reason: The word “well” is describing the word “feel”. In this case “feel” is a verb. You must use an adverb to describe the verb. So, you use “well”. You would not use the word “good”. That is a big mistake. And even though Americans often slaughter the English language, it should not be done. It sounds ugly! I feel good. No! Please, don’t do that. Even my spell check wanted to fix it! (So, if the spell checks in changes you know how bad it is.)

Other examples: He did it well. He sang well. They are doing it well. In each of these cases, you would never use the word “good”. Why not? Because you need the adverb to describe the verbs: did sing, are doing.

Comment: Just keep repeating, “I feel well” over and over. Burn it into those memory banks and you’ll sound like an old pro.

Are you having fun yet? Try this exercise. Read the following paragraph out loud a few times and you should begin to feel the difference in the flow.

In order to know how good the food is, you will need to try it out. After you eat it, if you don’t feel well, you will know that it was not good food.

Adverbs and adjectives are tough for most Americans. A trick that is often used is to remember that most adverbs end in “ly”. For example, the following words are most often used as adverbs: quickly, rapidly, slowly, interestingly, etc. Words that are NOT adverbs, but that end in “ly”, are lonely, only, ugly, etc. Can you guess why? visit us here

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