When we have volumes of information to read and comprehend on a daily basis, we wish that we knew how to read faster. Reading fast is a skill that we need to develop over a time period to bring in efficiency in our work and to save a lot of time. One who learns to read faster should not only be able to read fast but also become efficient to comprehend the content equally well. Speed reading is not a magic trick but it involves unlearning many of our bad reading habits developed since childhood and adopting some good techniques to increase the reading speed.

Important Tips Before You Learn How to Read Faster:

* Setting benchmarks: Always begin the process with a clear thought process and goals in mind. Also, everything that you read cannot be used for increasing speed. So have a good strategy before you begin.

* Reading material: It is very crucial to choose the right material to learn the techniques. To begin with, it is advisable to choose easy practice/reading material which is better to comprehend like a novel or a newspaper. This will also give you the confidence to carry on with the task.

* Take cues from the material used: The structure of the material like bold text, and headlines can help in understanding the content in a faster and better way. Using your fingers or a card as a pointer helps the eyes and brain to match the pace of reading.

* Practice makes a man perfect: Remember that improving the reading skill is not a day’s game. It requires a lot of practice on a regular basis to see some satisfying results.

* Right environment: Choosing a peaceful place to read, keeping distractions away, correct posture and good eyesight can help in being focused throughout the process.

Some Methods Of How To Read Faster:

* Skimming: This means searching certain sentences on a page that gives some idea about the meaning of the entire text. Some people do it by skipping some uninteresting text and moving on to other paragraphs which seem to be more informative.

* Using pointers/ Meta guiding: Using a pen or a finger while reading a text takes your eyes and brain to follow the pace of reading. This enables a quick glance at the entire text and not missing out on some important words or phrases.

* Eliminating sub-vocalization: Repeating each word that you read in your mind (sub-vocalization) reduces the reading speed and takes a lot of time for understanding the text. Instead eliminating this habit of reading the word aloud in the head through practice is an important technique of speed reading.

* Avoiding Re-reading of text: Sometimes we get into the habit of reading a few lines again and again to ensure clarity. This actually leads to loss of the flow of text and reduces comprehension.

There are many software and websites on the internet which can actually help you learn how to read faster through simple techniques. When practiced well, they can help a lot in improving work efficiency.

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