‘English might not be your first language but that does not mean that you cannot improve English and excel in it.’

Does it look like this sentence is trying to say two different things at the same time? Actually, it is! But it is also telling you that you definitely can improve your English. This is what this language is all about; it might say one thing and imply another. What you need is a little time and some practice to become an expert on the subject.

Some Dos To Improve English

Watch cartoons! Yes, in English or watch English movies. Ignore the subtitles and concentrate on the words. You can also watch the news in English. Hearing the language spoken again and again will help your mind adapt to the words, their meaning, and their pronunciation.

Read English novels, especially the dialogues of the protagonists. By practicing speaking the language in the privacy of your home, you will be able to improve the flow. Research has shown that the muscles of your jaw need regular exercise to get used to speaking a new dialect. Use the thesaurus whenever you come across a new word.

Form a group with friends that have like-minded goals. Speak to each other in English whenever you come together. It is easier and more fun to learn if you combine your efforts.

Some Don’ts While Trying To Improve English

Never feel embarrassed when you make a mistake. Mistakes help us improve. So learn from the experience and move forward.

Take things to step by step and start slowly. Rome was not built in a day. Things get better with practice. Do not overload your mind with too much complex stuff else you will give up your goal.

Stop wondering if you are speaking grammatically correct English or breaking any language rules when you are talking to someone. The very act of thinking about the way you are speaking, when you are speaking, will slow down your speech and make you self-conscious enough to make a mistake. You have taken a lot of effort into improving your English so speak naturally and let the knowledge you have gained along with the practice you have put in take care of the rest.

It is always possible to better yourself if you put your mind to it. It is definitely easy to improve your English, once you decide to do so. Go here !

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