The best way to improve your English is to find a fun way to learn it. This article will show you a great method to do it – learning English from songs!

If you are learning English, I hope that you also listen to English songs. It’s a great method to improve your listening skills. However, it can be also used to improve your speaking skills and build up your vocabulary! How to do it?

Listening skills

That’s the process: choose an English song that you would like to learn from, Google “[artist – song name] lyrics” and you should find the lyrics to this song. Listen to this song while reading the lyrics to improve your listening skills. That’s one method.

Speaking skills

Another one. If you want to improve your speaking skills, find the lyrics and start rapping or singing along. Try to sound exactly like the singer or the rapper in the song. It’s a great idea to record your voice while doing it and listen to it to find out what mistakes you make.


If you want to build up your vocabulary, translate the song using a dictionary (Urban Dictionary is great for slang). Use Google if you can’t find out what is the meaning of a given verse or a sentence. After some time you will notice that you are using phrases or new words from the song that you translated!

Remember to practice regularly and practice often. If you want to memorize what you have learned, you must repeat the process at least a few times. Good luck and have fun with justpractice!

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