Reading books is a great manner to enhance your English. As
you’re enjoying the story, you’re getting to know loads of useful phrases,
phrases, and expressions without even realizing it. Plus, you’re enhancing your know-how of grammar. You can read graded readers (simplified versions of books) or the authentic variations (in case you’ve
got a high stage of English). The following are a few books encouraged by college students of English.

1 Three Men In A Boat by way of Jerome K. Jerome
This ebook is ready for three pals (Jerome, Harris, and George) who are determined to go on a journey down the River Thames with their canine, Montmorency. As they travel alongside the water, they get into all forms of hassle. The issue you’ll love approximately this e-book is the humor as it’s written in an ironic style. Amal (from India)

2 An Officer and a Spy by using Robert Harris
Georges Picquart runs a pinnacle-secret department in the French secret provider. He unearths that the proof
against a man called Alfred Dreyfus for spying is false.
While Picquart investigates the case, he dangers his career and his life to prove that Dreyfus is harmless. This e-book is based on a
true tale referred to as the “Dreyfus affair”. I found it in reality interesting and I enjoyed studying it. Yuki (from Japan)

3Three Dracula with the aid of Bram Stoker
Dracula was first published in 1897 and has been a notion for many writers and film producers. The
author, Bram Stoker, primarily based the character of Dracula on a 15th-century prince referred to as Vlad Dracul. The book is in most cases written as a sequence of letters and diary extracts. Events within the novel take region in England and Transylvania in the course of 1893. I love horror stories, however, that is definitely one of my favorites.
By Chen (from China)

4 Four Love Actually by means of Richard Curtis Love Actually has nine mini-memories all about the significance of affection. It takes vicinity a few weeks earlier than Christmas and jumps from
story to tale. Some of the characters who appear in the e-book include Daniel, who has simply lost his wife in a sad accident, Harry,
who starts an affair with a colleague, and Jamie, who falls in love together with his Portuguese maid after his spouse leaves him, and Billy, who’s an aging rock megastar. This e-book is genuinely the screenplay for the film, so it isn’t like a normal e-book. However, I like romantic stories and love movies, so this ebook changed into best for me.
Amelie (from France))

5 Sons of Fortune by Jeffrey Archer
Two twins are separated at birth and lead very special lives. One brother,
Nat grows up with a school trainer and coverage salesclerk as dad and mom. After graduating from university, he serves
in the Vietnam War. The other brother, Fletcher grows up with a multimillionaire dad and mom and will become a crook defense legal professional. Both brothers continue on their separate paths until one has to shield the other from a homicide he didn’t commit. This is a
top-notch book and simply interesting.
Carmen (from Spain)

6 1984 by means of George Orwell
Winston Smith lives inside the fictitious united states of Oceania,
which is dominated with the aid of a dictator referred to as Big Brother. The globe is split into 3 zones that cowl the entire globe: Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia. Big Brother is a consistent battle with the two different superb states. He additionally watches over his citizens at all times. I absolutely like politics so this ebook become wonderful for me.
Edgardo (from Argentina)

7 The Da Vinci Code via Dan Brown
While in Paris on commercial enterprise, Harvard professor Robert Langdon gets an urgent name from the French police. They need him to
decode a cryptic message left with the aid of the murdered curator of the Louvre museum. Robert solves it and discovers that the message results in a range of clues hidden in works of artwork by way of the
Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci. Langdon joins forces with French cryptologist Sophie Neveu, the granddaughter of the murdered curator. If you want mysteries, you’ll love this e-book

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