Studied for 10 years and still can’t hold a conversation!

FACT – Native English-speaking children have acquired all their speaking skills before the age of 7.

So what are you doing wrong? And why can babies pick up speaking so quickly and effortlessly?

Well, the secret is simple and it’s NOT what you are learning BUT how you are learning it.

Today most if not all ESL students start off with a grammar book and start to learn the intricate mechanics of the English language, something that most native English speakers would have trouble trying to explain. How often do you imagine a mother or father has been left embarrassed and confused by their child when they have asked “Mum, Dad. What is the correct adverb in this sentence?”

The truth is most native speakers have never studied the inner working of the English language and would fail terribly if they had to take a modern ESL test. I know, I have!

So what is the secret to learning English? Well, the first thing is I am assuming you have a basic understanding of the language. These techniques are NOT for the absolute beginner. You will need a notebook and a pen. And a commitment to NEVER give up.

The secret is immersion – That means, “getting stuck in”.

Step one.

Start to read like crazy – I mean like a book a day!

Do not try and understand all the words but more importantly, try and understand the meaning of what is being said.

Magazines I feel are the best material to read. Find some that are related to your interests and get stuck in.

Step two.

Remember that notebook?

Start to write a personal diary, writing something every day. It’s not important what you write, just write something. At the back of your diary, create a “new words and phrases section”. Here you will add 20 new words a day and repeat them all, at least 20 times. Now you won’t remember them all, but you will remember some.

Step three.

Start talking to yourself!

Yes, I know all your family and friends will think you have gone crazy, but at least you will never have the excuse that you have no one to talk with. In the morning when you are brushing your teeth, say “hello” and talk about your plans for the day.

Step four.

Get involved.

You need to find as many opportunities as you can to TALK to people. English clubs, English Corners, and PEOPLE… Yes make some friends with English speakers, don’t worry we don’t bite. You can find us walking the streets, in coffee shops, come over and say “hi”.

This is just an introduction, much more can be done to improve your English and more importantly how you study English. For more click here

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