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Choosing a place to live -city or village- has a great influence on one’s life. Some of us prefer to live in the village because we are closer to nature, it is safer for our children, while others prefer living in the city, because of the great opportunities considering mostly for jobs. The important thing is to find the perfect place to live in a pleasant and harmonious way.

I try to maintain my objective, still, I think that living in the city brings a lot of advantages to everybody. In the city young people get more education and knowledge than in the countryside and also when they want to get a job, they will find it easier in the city. Another advantage is that in villages the hospitals are not so advanced if any hospital. So in case of an emergency villagers have to travel quite a lot to get medical care.

In the chapter on fun, citizens can choose between a lot and various opportunities: spoiling ourselves with a shopping session in malls, or by visiting the spa, practicing a sport with the necessary equipment, doing exercises in gyms, watching a movie with our friends, partying with our classmates, having a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant, maybe going to the theatre on a quiet evening, or just walking in the park with our sweetheart’s hand by hand. These are only a few entertaining methods that a city can offer you.

Of course, the village has some advantages as well. In villages, as I mentioned, nature is predominant. So every time you want some fresh air, you can just take a walk on your street, watch the children as they play gossip with your neighbor, or just sit on the bench drinking a cup of tea. Prices in the village are much smaller, you can have home-grown food, and the level of criminality is lower than in the village.

In conclusion, I would say that your life aspiration, life goals, and lifestyle can help you decide where you will spend your life, so take your time analyzing all the aspects which involve this big decision.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in a city

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