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A city-dweller has many advantages over his village counterpart. A city gives its inhabitants easy access to education. A city has many schools and the people who live in it, therefore, have a wide choice. Schools are also within easy reach. By contrast schools in villages are few and far between. Often there is one school for two or three villages. Students often have to walk long distances to go to school. Schools in cities are also better. They have better physical facilities and the teachers are also better qualified.

People who live in the cities have no lack of recreation. From the common cinema-hall to sophisticated theatres, all of them are found in cities. There are well-organized cultural programs that can’t be found in villages. For people in villages, the greatest entertainment is when there is a wedding in the village. Sometimes there are small fairs also but mostly they must use their imagination to entertain themselves.

Cities also have modern facilities like electricity and cooking gas. People in the villages have to depend on their oil lamps for lighting their homes after dark. To look for fuel to cook their food they have to forage in the forests. They have to walk long distances carrying heavy loads of firewood on their backs. Drinking water too has to be brought from a communal source. They do not have the luxury of getting water off the tap.

The cities have a well-organized transport system. Public buses ply the streets on a regular basis. Then there are the taxis and other means of public transport. The village does not have any of these. The most common means of getting around is by walking.

Having been born in a city and having been brought up in one I would prefer to live in a city. The city does have its drawbacks but I do not think I could live without the benefits that it has to offer. I have grown too used to them. Sometimes though, I do envy the villagers who find peace and satisfaction in the rustic simplicity of his life in the village.CITY vs village

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