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All the international students who are planning for masters in the USA need to take a test that proves that they can live in the USA without any issues. The test is referred to as TOEFL. Each university has got its own TOEFL cutoff. Many find it difficult to score high into elf as their mother tongue is not English and due to regional influence. These are the TOEFL tips that would help anyone score a fortune in TOEFL


– Most importantly, improve your vocabulary. This is required because you may encounter very complex words in the paragraph. If you know the meaning of the word, scoring high in this section is a piece of cake
– Get a glimpse of the whole paragraph instead of reading through each sentence thoroughly
– Practice reading topics covering various niches like education, geography, history, etc in newspapers and magazines


– Practice questions located at the end of books
– While writing articles, try to make use of new words that you have learned recently. Also while practicing, see that it is a familiar topic.
– Whenever you are staring at something, support it with any form of evidence.
– Before starting, make a note of all your ideas and pen them down later. This technique is referred to as pre-writing
– Learn all the punctuation conventions properly before attempting
– Ask your lecturers to evaluate your paragraphs and articles


– Keep watching more English movies. There are hundreds of them around. If you are a bit poor at listening, make use of subtitles during the initial stages. You will gradually understand the language flow
– Focus on the basic idea while listening to an article. The main idea is focused at the beginning. So, pay attention at the beginning and you can easily understand the rest
– Focus on examples given. This would give you a clear idea of the topic
– If unfamiliar vocabulary is used, try to get the meaning based on the situation and context.
– Try to talk in English too as many as you could. This would help you understand different accents.
– Make notes of the basic idea and important topics related to the paragraph. You are allowed to take notes during the test
– Frame a summary of the paragraph and note it down
– If nothing works out, make guesses since there are no negative marks!


– Read one paragraph from the newspaper every day and try to summarize it on your own and speak about it in your style
– Take some random topics and speak about them. Speak about positive as well as negative aspects
– You should be able to frame conclusions for any topic chosen. This comes through practice
– Ask your friends and others to evaluate you. Make them listen to you directly or your recordings and collect feedback
– Keep tracking your progress regularly

These are a few TOEFL reading, writing, listening, and speaking tips that would definitely help you score a fortune in TOEFL!

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