City Life and Country Life , which is the best?

There are many differences between the city life and country life. If you live in the city and have never been to the country, you may wonder what the country life will be. Understand another way of life is not very easy and you may need to start learning some knowledge of various categories. The following guides may give you some help.

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Firstly, people are more concentrated in city than the country. As there are more people in the city, the city life seems to be more crowed. The big crowd of people in the store and the busy transportation may make you feel so uncomfortable. However, the country life is more relaxing and the beautiful flowers, the song of the birds and the beautiful farm may impress you a lot. Since there is greater population in the city and there can be more diversities, such as the religion, the background and the belief and so on. In the country, you can find that people almost have the same tradition and economic background.

Secondly, there are more wildernesses in the country life. The people in the country drink the natural water from the spring and they also do not need wait in a long queue for the city bus. They can just walk to the destination because the distance will not be too far to take a long time. They breathe the fresh air and eat the foods which grow on their farms. There is less pollution and pressure from the transportation or the busy work in the company. In the country, you can even see a lot of wild animals or farm animals which are abundant. Living in the country, you can get more relaxing.

The last but not least, there can be more opportunities in the city. Since, the development of the industry and techniques is much better, there will be more job opportunities for the people in the city. And the education will also be much better that that of the country. Different kinds of stores and shops also provide more convenience for the people who live in the city. In the country, there will be fewer chances to purchase the things in shops or the stores


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