We came from the big bang of 13.5 billion years ago made up of billions of atoms which later assemble into cells made up in turn of molecules. The mysterious symmetrical explosion of the supernovas spreads in the universe, the atoms and organic matter this origin of the life is approximately after 3.5 billion years since the first cell was born and the evolution made the continuation to perpetuate our existence. Today more than ever science makes it possible to go beyond the earth, by the force of human efforts, to conquer the universe and one day I hope at the speed of lightning, very far in the infinite universe and yet finished in its expansions humanity will go to recover the dreamed paradise by rightly piercing the Divine secret of creation. So neither joy nor sorrow; neither war nor peace, neither love nor hatred; but another dimension where another deserved future destiny will lead everyone to the end of humanity's mission ...
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You must be surrounded by English all the time to become fluenT                                                         SO 

  1. Take an English bath  here with us by listening to Songs ,Interviews ,President’s speeches, , StoriesPodcasts , Radios Daily Conversations (at a restaurant ,at the hotel ,at the airport, at the supermarket,  and  watch Films
barack obama, official portrait, president of the united states
tv, man, sofa
board, game, competition
quiz, exam, questionnaire
business, businessman, chair
people, woman, headphones
download, software, sign
interview, job, icon
avocado, chopping board, cooking
transformation, emoji, mystery
English Pronunciation
interview, microphone, mic
tv, man, sofa
video game, videogames, control

The key is that learning real English through listening to phrases, expressions and idioms improves listening, speaking and reading skills at the same time. Grammar is wrapped within this, so it is actually learnt at the same time. It is also important to understand what you are listening to, so having a transcript is absolutely necessary. The length and complexity of what a person listens to should be appropriate to their level of English.

Find a language partner

 I am  teacher . I created this site to provide teachers and students free audio lessons ,Films, Podcasts, stories, Magazines,Ebooks ,Radios , Newspapers, Conversations and free learning STUFF .

Need free ebooks to improve your english? contact us HERE .

Besoin d’ebooks gratuits pour améliorer votre anglais? contactez-moi ICI 

¿Necesita libros electrónicos gratuitos para mejorar su inglés? póngase en contacto conmigo AQUI

هل تحتاج إلى كتب إلكترونية مجانية لتحسين لغتك الإنجليزية؟ الاتصال بي هنا وربما أستطيع مساعدتك هل تحتاج كتب إلكترونية مجانية لتحسين لغتك الإنجليزية؟ الاتصال بي هنا 

Change the way you learn

Stop learning English and start acquiring it!

Getting consistent exposure to English, day after day, is what really gets you to English
fluency. But you must make the effort to be consistent.

Master grammar automatically – without grammar tables and boring drills – through interviews, films ,songs audio books, podcast, radios and stories

Reading or listening to English every day for one hour. If you can do more, that’s great! But one hour a day doesn’t seem such a long
time and is easy for everyone to do.


           Réservez un cours de soutien scolaire en mini-groupe avec moi   ICI

J’enseigne des cours de révision pour les classes de préparation aux examens primaires, secondaires, B1 et B2. J’enseigne également l’anglais conversationnel et l’utilisation du numérique qui donne Accès à des fichiers son et vidéo authentiques et une meilleure compréhension orale grâce à l’écoute.
J’ai le savoir à faire acquérir (lexique, grammaire, notions, fonctions, phonologie. Je fixe des buts à atteindre et je donne des échéances, pour créer un défi à relever.Je travaille aussi avec des conversations pour permettre à l’élève avec des jeux de roles qui vont l’exposer davantage à la langue anglaise et à développer sa confiance à s’exprimer.Je suis flexible, compréhensif et dynamique .J’analyse et ajuste mes cours en fonction des  élèves.
Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. – Benjamin Franklin

Certifié par Meet In Class

Professeur d’anglais dans un collège pendant plus de quinze ans et quatre ans d’experience avec les adultes.


Keep your photo

A soldier serving overseas1 far from home was annoyed and upset2 when his girlfriend wrote breaking off3 their engagement4 and asking for her photograph back. He went out and collected from his friends all the unwanted photographs of women that he could find, bundled5 them all together, and sent them back with a note saying, “I regret that6 I cannot remember which one you are. Please keep your photo and return the others.”

Indian Soldier Cartoon Illustration Stock Illustration - Illustration of letter, human: 120022296

  1. Overseas = abroad, in another country
  2. Upset = unhappy and worried because something unpleasant or disappointing has happened
  3. To break off = to interrupt, to stop
  4. Engagement = an agreement to marry someone
  5. To bundle = to tie a number of things together
  6. I regret that = I am sorry that

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